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By Rita Harvey and Peter Danish

Rita Harvey (star of Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on The Roof, Next to Normal, etc.) has teamed up this holiday season with author and composer (and Classical Music Critic) Peter Danish for an incredibly special new CD.  “Simple Prayers for Challenging Times” a collection of short prayers from numerous different faiths set to original music by Danish and performed by Rita Harvey. 


“We were both seeking a creative outlet during this crazy stressful time and this idea was a godsend.  It just seemed like something we could share with absolutely everyone, and hopefully bring a little much needed solace to everybody this holiday season.” said Danish. The CD contains original compositions and a few traditionals in fresh arrangements including sacred Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Arabic, Orthodox Christian and other faiths’ texts. 

Front-1-CD (1).jpg


Aprile Millo, Maria Vetere, Peter Danish and a Global Virtual Orchestra.

When Classical Music Editor of Peter Danish heard from the pastor of a local Haitian church that donations were down significantly because of the bad press surrounding the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation's work in Haiti, Danish contacted opera legend Aprile Millo with an idea. He suggested Millo record a spiritual song, an AVE MARIA for the holidays, with 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the recording to go to Hurricane relief.

Millo, one of the world's best-loved sopranos, called "the high priestess of that old time operatic religion," has had a career spanning 30 years on the world's greatest operatic stages. Millo agreed and they went to work. Time was extremely short for a Xmas release, but Danish found everyone he reached out to gladly offered to help.

A SIMPLE PRAYER (feat. Jessie Morgan & Brian Daniels)

Peter Danish & John Selle


The first single from Peter Danish's new musical "Purple."  features the wonderful lead vocals of John Selle, background vocals by Jessie Morgan and the marvelous fiddle playing of Brian Daniels. 

Ave Maria cover art.webp

Fiction & Non-Fiction


tenor new cover.png



The award-winning debut novel from Peter Danish, that tells the tale of a young opera singer on the fast track to a major international career, when WWII breaks out and ruins his plans.  But his life changes when he meets a spectacular young soprano in occupied Greece. He's immediately certain she will be one of the all-time greats.  But there is a problem: she is the enemy.




A down-on-his-luck American filmmaker is visiting a holy shrine, in war-torn Bosnia, where it's said that little children are seeing visions of the Virgin Mary.  After miraculous cures begin taking place, pilgrims from all over the world come to the little country town seeking miracles of their own.  The American, along with five strangers of different faiths and ethnicity are thrown together by a strange twist of fate.  A war and a thousand years of hatred divide them.  But a fortune lies ahead for them if they can forget the past, put aside their differences and work together for one night.  A mysterious young girl holds the key to unlock a miraculous mystery, and all of their earthly dreams may come true if they can make it happen - and not kill each other in the process.




The #1 Bestseller! A Professional Guide to the ORSON System™ of presenting and public speaking. The ORSON System shows presenters a fresh new way to quickly organize their content into a simple logical structure that will save them time and free them from the constraints of a standard presentation format. The ease with which they will be able to navigate their information will increase their comfort with the material which in turn will boost their confidence and eliminate presentation related stress.


Danish Media Theatricals

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The Final Days of.jpg


The winner of the "Best New Play of 2017" (regional).  A powerful story of the father of the Irish Revolution.  His life, his quest to free Ireland of English rule, his run ins with George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, & Napoleon. His name is legend througout Ireland and his extraordinary story is  both heart-breaking and inspiring. 

“The Final Days of Wolfe Tone is a riveting play…with fully realized characters and harrowing moments, this play was able to completely rip my heart out with its convictions and brilliant writing.”  –

“A powerful historic drama full of heart, humor, and tearful beauty.”  - Hudson Valley News Network

“A remarkable story that the whole world should hear, and so very beautifully told.” – Irish Arts Forum

“I was so deeply moved by the telling of this intense story, I left Peter Danish's play in that delicious state of mind where only excellent theater can take you.” – Danielle Rudess, Helen Hayes Theater

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Two Geniuses. Two Great Rivals. Adversaries. Enemies.  The Two Greatest Conductors of the 20th Century: One Austrian…A Nazi  ~  One American…A Jew.  Shortly before he died, great Leonard Bernstein and his life-long, arch-rival,  Herbert Von Karajan had a final chance meeting in Vienna. This stunning new play gives a fly on the wall look at two of the century's greatest artists in their final battle: one of ideas, ideologies, philosophies and passions.

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A fiercely independent young single woman is set up to meet a single middle-aged doctor by a mutual acquaintence.  After some initial awkwardness, they strike up a spirited conversation.  But their respective world-views collide and take the meeting on a shocking turn which neither is realy prepared for..

MEDJUGORJE at The Shades Repertory Theater card.jpg


A down-on-his-luck American filmmaker is visiting a holy shrine, in war-torn Bosnia, where it's said that little children are seeing visions of the Virgin Mary.  After miraculous cures begin taking place, pilgrims from all over the world come to the little country town seeking miracles of their own.  The American, along with five strangers of different faiths and ethnicity are thrown together by a strange twist of fate.  A war and a thousand years of hatred divide them.  But a fortune lies ahead for them if they can forget the past, put aside their differences and work together for one night.  A mysterious young girl holds the key to unlocking  a miraculous secret, and all of their earthly dreams may come true if they can make it happen - and not kill each other in the process.

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Danish Media Theatricals


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The epic sea-faring ghost story of a vain sea captain whose boasting ran him afoul with Satan.  Condemned to sail the seas for all eternity, never allowed to die.  Permitted ashore once every seven years,  to try to break the curse if he can find a woman of virtue willing to pledge eternal love to him.
He enounters a ship in a storm and is preparing to plunder it, when he learns the ship’s captain, Donald is in severe financial distress and is seeking a wealthy  suitor for his daughter, Sally.  When the Dutchman sees her picture, he is reminded of a former flame of his own and decides to try to break the curse one last time.  Donald is thrilled that the Dutchman has shown interest and invites him to stay with him when they reach port.  However there has been a tragic development while they were at sea – Sally has taken a fiancé.

A New Musical.jpg


Ramon, a young artist from Puerto Rico comes to New York and finds immediate success, fame and fortune - until his young wife dies, leaving him completely broken. His last painting "La Paloma" completed while she was dying, has become legendary. It goes missing and it is believed that he had destroyed it in an alcohol fueled rage. Ten years later, Ramon encounters a mysterious woman who looks disturbingly similar to Paloma. She inspires him to paint again. But who is she? And what are her motives? He is strangely drawn to her, but he's caught in a half-world of his past and the present. Is she real? Is she a ghost? Is she Paloma, back to show him the way? "La Paloma" is a magical, mysterious, new musical about passion, obsession and second chances.

La Paloma 2.jpg

Please click on the links to listen to selections from the shows.


In 2018, Danish Media Group made its maiden voyage into the film industry.  With the assistance of a group of extraordinarily talented artists, our first film has been a major success, reaching students in over 300 colleges around the nation.

Blind-Date-Poster 1_30_19_edited_edited.



An attractive young, professional woman, named Eve, is preparing herself to go out.  Her girlfriend Grace has introduced her to a “hot, young, successful, Doctor,” named, of all things, Adam.   Eve slightly apprehensively goes to Adam’s apartment.  They meet, chat, have a drink and are getting along just great.  Eve begins to relax.  They clearly have a nice chemistry.  Their conversation is light, clever and witty. Everything seems to be going wonderfully until the conversation turns to politics.  Suddenly, everything goes south and the “blind date” takes a dark and completely unexpected turn.

THE BLIND DATE has been an Official Selection of ten major international film festivals, winner of over a dozen awards, including "Winner Best Short Film" at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, The Atlanta Southern Short Film Festival and the Nyack Film Festival

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"Each page of Tenor is as rich as a box of Italian chocolates. By page 8, I already found seven lines I wanted to steal. Dive in and trust author Peter Danish to sweep you up and lead you through a remarkable adventure! I couldn't put it down."
                - Tom Dudzick, playwright, Over the Tavern
"Mr. Danish's clever use of the history of one of the greatest voices ever to sing, Maria Callas, and a little known part of that history, her early life during turbulent times in the world, gives this a truly romantic and involving idea.... I loved it and any opera lover would too. Easy, readable and knowledgeable about life, music and all the stuff that happens in between!"
                - Aprile Millo, Opera Legend
"Mr. Danish's exceeding knowledge of and passion for the medium of opera suffuses every line of this cinderella narrative, one that provides a thrill ride for both the novice and the seasoned opera fan. The Tenor is impossible to put down."
                - Samuel Juliano, Wonders in the Dark
"As an operatic diva that has sung over 100 performances with the Metropolitan Opera, I can say without hesitation, that "The Tenor" is a riveting and accurate tale of life imitating art! Peter Danish's story telling ability is lyrical and powerful as he explores the life of an opera singer through passion, longing, romance and war! The accuracy of his descriptions about a singer's journey, his musical and operatic references and his colorful characters, including the incomparable Maria Callas, make this a must read!"
                - Victoria Livengood, Metropolitan Opera
"Whether Peter Danish is writing about music, history or travel in his vastly entertaining novel, "The Tenor," his words fly off the page. The whirlwind of images invites the reader into a world that will be familiar to some, foreign to others--but captivating to all. Read it!"
                - Richard Sasanow, Editor-in-Chief BWW Opera 
"Facts and fiction playfully intertwine in this opera lover's delight!"
                - Alberto Ferreras, award-winning author, "B as in Beautiful"
"The Tenor was a not what I was expecting.  Yes, it's about opera.  Yes, it's an homage to art and artists. Yes, it's about dreaming fulfilling one's destiny. But-it's about all those things without being fussy or precious. It's decidedly unfussy--because it's about people who work really hard....Peter Danish creates characters you root for. He has woven a tale that keeps you wanting to find out what happens next! I think they call those page-turners!"
                - John Cariani, Tony Award Nominee, playwright, "Almost Maine"
"With his far-reaching opera expertise and keen insight into the Italian soul, Peter Danish draws us into his captivating story of the joys and heartaches of the performer's life. The result is a satisfying read for book lovers and opera lovers alike. Bravo, Il Tenore!"
                - Erica Miner, Award-winning Author, "Murder in the Pit"



"Medjugorje is a winner - a treat for lovers of historical fiction and mystery... an accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful novel."


     - NBC-TV

"Bitterness, suffering and guilt are bleak subjects, yet in "Medjugorje - The Final Prophecy", author Peter Danish skillfully weaves these themes into an entertaining - and quite wise - novel about the nature of faith, forgiveness, and ultimately, hope. Like a modern-day version of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales." 

     -  Huffington Post

"To read Medjugorje is to sign yourself up for unfolded laundry, dirty dishes, and an unkempt house as you will be unable to do anything because you simply won't be able to stop reading it! Mr. Danish's writing is spellbinding...once you pick up this book, you won't put it down!" 

    -  Bloomberg TV
"The novel beautifully combines the bleak, the hopeful, and the miraculous and sweeps the reader right into the narrative."  

     - CBS News producer Maria Mercader.

"There is a sardonic undercurrent running through "Medjugorje - The Final Prophecy", a novel of faith and absolution, and there is something grandiose too, but the drama is much too intense and intimately immersive to even ponder that."   -Sam Juliano, Wonders in the Dark



“The ORSON System is a brilliant approach to public speaking from the most outstanding presentation coach I have ever worked with. Peter Danish provides no-nonsense and actionable advice, for anyone and everyone, on how to effectively deliver a speech in order to win over an audience. The ORSON System is simple to use, yet it delivers powerful results!”

            - Joe Peyronnin, former President Fox News, Vice President CBS News

“Taking the stage after working with Peter is not just effective, but fun!  With gentle humor, firm resolve, and genuine skill, he coaches you to a level of confidence that lets you know, even as you are connecting with your audience, that your message is getting across, and that the sale -- be it of an idea, product, or service -- is about to happen.”

            - Carmen M. DiRienzo, Founding CEO of V-me Media, Chief Legal Officer at PBS

“Peter is an absolutely brilliant marketing strategist who has a unique and keen understanding of every phase of our industry. This is a rare commodity in these days of "specialists" that possess great knowledge in one area of the business without the perspective of how everything works in the grand scheme of things. Moreover, Peter is creative, eloquent, exceptionally intelligent and has great interpersonal skills. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with a better reputation throughout our business.”

            - Tom Marsillo, President and CEO of Emerging Networks

“Peter cuts to the chase and executes improvement more efficiently than anyone with whom I’ve worked.  If you’re interested in improving your presentation and communication skills quickly and in a sustainable fashion, talk to him right away.”

            - Richard Taub, Chief Financial Officer, V-me TV Networks

“Peter takes the theories taught in a business communication course and boils them down to practical principles that will have you making more effective and efficient presentations after just one reading.”

            - Dr. Jay Sholes, PhD. Director of Pace University Executive Programs

“As a professional musician, I've spent almost half my life on stage and I really thought I knew all there was to know about engaging an audience.  Now, as a business owner, I've found it’s a whole different ballgame.  Peter has helped bring my presentation skills to a new level with his easy to use practical ORSON system.” 

            - Joe D'Urso,  Owner of CBGB’s  & Caravan Management

“Have a speech coming up?  Giving a major presentation?  Need to get your sales team pumped?  Call Peter.  He's a pro at crafting the best copy, appropriate messaging, or a motivating rally cry.  And he'll assist every step of the way.  From initial ideation to presentation development to delivery coaching.  You'll be glad he's part of your team.”

            - Carla Trum Mercado, President of MGSCOMM Advertising

“Peter Danish is a jack of all trades and a master of most.  He is one of the most creative individuals I have ever encountered.  Whenever I have a large scale presentation to give, he is always the first person I call.”

            - Stephen J. Levin, EVP Sales Telemundo Network

"A good presentation is a theater piece that will take an audience on a rewarding journey. Peter Danish's simple rules are an excellent framework on which to craft your message."

            - Brian Maffitt, CEO, Total Training Inc. and frequent keynote speaker

"I'll Give You Exactly 5 Minutes is the only book on giving presentations that I have read which gives you a real and candid approach to presenting for modern day situations, without the fluff.  This book teaches you to how to present, leveraging your personality type and building off of that to make the perfect presentation.  I can truly relate to the unsung presenting tips addressed in this book.  Spectacular!"

            - Lance Rios, President and CEO of Being,

"Most people are in the business of selling one product or another.  Peter is in the business of selling ideas – and he can help you sell ideas.  In this book, he mixes his creative background with his extensive business experience to offer a practical approach to business communication.  Use O.R.S.O.N. to clarify your thoughts, simplify your life and get your ideas across!"

            - Robert Brown, President, CEO Credos Communications Associates

"Peter is the Real Deal.  When it comes to large scale presentations he is second to none.  He moves effortlessly between speech writer/coach/producer/creative.  His expertise goes far beyond just delivery and presentation; he provides invaluable help with content, clarity and organization. He delivers!"


            - Manuel Abud, CEO of Azteca Television Network


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